• Congratulations, you have successfully recycled your foam (aka Styrofoam, EPS) preventing it from being disposed of in a landfill or in our waterways. Now lets make sure its re-purposed into a closed loop recycled product right here in the US and that you receive the best value for your material.

    Job well done!

  • Foam Consulting Services

    At RecycleMyFoam our foam recycling experts can advise you on how to start a successful foam recycling program at your county,municipality, college or business.


    We can help you with foam collection challenges, the type of foam to collect (Foam Packaging and/or Food Service Foam) and in choosing the right size foam densifier for your needs and at the right price.


    Once you start generating your own densifed foam, we offer to purcahse your material. Our Closed Loop Circular Economy recycling system allows you to track where your foam is being shipped to so you can see the recycled products that are being made from your material.


    By the way, our foam consulting services are FREE,

    so contact us today!

  • Foam Ingot Pickup (Video)

    Pictured below, each pallet of densifed foam ingots weights over 1000 lbs.

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