• Congratulations, you have successfully recycled your EPS foam preventing it from being disposed of at a landfill. Now lets make sure its re-purposed right here in the USA and that you receive the best value for your material. Job well done!

  • What We Do

    At RecycleMyFoam our EPS foam experts can help those of you who are already densifing your foam to manage, market and sell you condensed foam to end use re-purpose manufacturing companies right here in the USA. Our sales assist program allows you to track were you foam is being shipped to so you can see what products are being made from your foam now how cool is that! If you haven't started densifing your foam yet no worries, we can also help you choose the right size foam densifier and at the right price. By the way, our foam consulting services are FREE so contact us today!

  • Bulk Container Collection System

    RecycleMyFoam offers a unique way for small generators of EPS foam ingots to recycle and re-purpose their materiel. Our Bulk Container collection system enables you to ship one full container or more at a time via FedEx ground (averaging 1000-1500 lbs) and having empty container(s) shipped back to you so the process can continue. Below are the specs on the Bulk Container we are using. Contact us for more details.

    Product Information

    DuraGreen DGR454850-2 collapsible bulk containers are "premium products that promote environmental sustainability". These bulk containers offer superior quality and value, and are also in stock and readily available for immediate shipment. Made from high density polyethylene, these 1,700 lb capacity heavy-duty containers are built to provide years of service under the toughest conditions. These 45" x 48" footprint, 50" height containers are stackable, easy to assemble and knock down, are 100% recyclable, and save on storage and transportation costs. They have pallet jack and 4-way forklift access for secure and efficient handling. Drop gates on the 48" sides allow for easy access to contents of container. These collapsible bulk containers are ideal for storing and handling a variety of component parts, industrial materials, and commercial supplies. Open grid bottom. Black color. Optional lid. Optional solid bottom pad.


    Pictured above is one full Bulk Container of EPS Ingots ready to be sent to an end user manufacturer via FedEx freight. Its ready to be re-purposed into beautiful interior moldings and picture frames.

  • Densifers to Re-Purpose manufacturers, its all here.

    Foam Densifiers

    Some good and some not so good

    Purchasing a foam densifier is a big investment with pricing ranging from $19K to $65K and higher. There are different manufactures and they are manufactured in different parts of the world. Understanding which models works best and which has the best warranties, track records and service plans is just another reason why you would want to contact us and take advantage of our FREE foam consulting services.

    Re-Purpose Manufacturers

    Track, visit and get samples

    Now that you have successfully recycled your EPS foam by reducing your foam packaging waste 90-1 through the use of a foam densifier, let's not drop the ball there. We need to track where the foam ingots are going and what products are being made from this material ( picture above is of interior molding made from 100% EPS ingots). This full disclosure and closed loop recycling program would have to also include a site visit to the manufactures facility and samples of the recycled product for others to see. Together we need to tell the whole story on how you reduced your carbon footprint and helped reduce landfill space and that's where RecycleMyFoam comes in. So give us a call and let's have that conversation today.

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